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The Stag Company are 10-years old this year, and specialise in stag weekends. Their blog is a showcase of the company's best offerings all over the UK and Europe as well as wedding related stories.

With over 80 destinations from all over the EU, there's no shortage of stag party planning guides and insider destination tips to whet appetites for a stag weekend that proves to be the ideal send-off for the groom-to-be.

Recent Updates at The Stag Company Blog

Are you man enough for Stag vs. Food?

16 April 2014

As men we love a challenge, and a lot of us also love food, so to everyone here at The Stag Company it made sense to combine the two for this new, exclusive stag weekend package down here in sunny … Continue »


Advice from the other gender… how to win over her family

08 April 2014

Weddings are beautiful: they are a celebration of commitment, tradition and love. Oh and two families merging. We can’t forget that and neither should you because you’re not just marrying her; you’re metaphorically marrying her family as well. Yeah, that … Continue »


Stag Party Playlists #10: Matt

04 April 2014

It’s the first weekend after payday for us here at Stag Towers, so you can expect some of the team to be partying this weekend, and with that in mind I couldn’t think of a better person from The Stag … Continue »


The Price is Flight: Getting the Best Air Fare Deals

28 March 2014

Trying to book flights for a trip abroad can take up a lot of your time, as you’ll understandably be looking to get the best possible price for your trip and save a decent amount of wedge. If you’re booking … Continue »


Do you take longer than your other Half to Get Ready?

27 March 2014

Only a few years ago this question would have been absurd, but now with men plucking their eyebrows, donning fake tan and sculpting their hair to near perfection (I mean you just need to take a look at our marketing … Continue »


Top 10 reasons why being a single best man is better than being the groom

21 March 2014

After a certain age many men seem to take themselves off the market, they start marrying and whilst there’s nothing wrong with this (quite the contrary – congrats on taking the next step on the adult ladder!) It’s inevitable though … Continue »


How to: Come out of Mother’s Day a ‘Good Son’

19 March 2014

“Wait, what? It’s Mother’s Day soon?!” Yeah, I know, until 5 minutes ago I didn’t have a clue it was either but it turns out it actually is… so on the 30th March you’re going to want to be showing … Continue »


Stag Party Playlists #9: Pasqual

14 March 2014

It’s Friday, and it’s time for another party playlist and another teary goodbye to a much loved member of staff. Now this is a trend I’d really like to stop if possible, so hopefully my next playlist on the Stag … Continue »


Advice from the other gender – How to pick the perfect engagement ring

12 March 2014

It’s time for another advice from the other gender and today we’re going to be discussing bling bling – namely the engagement ring. Arguably the most important bit of jewellery you’ll ever buy in your life (maybe with the exception … Continue »


Stag Dos and Stag Don’ts: It’s all in the Planning

05 March 2014

Arranging a stag do is a lot to think about, which is why you’re probably feeling lucky about having found The Stag Company. While we can take care of all the phone calls, organisation, and arrangements there is still a … Continue »