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The Stag Company are 10-years old this year, and specialise in stag weekends. Their blog is a showcase of the company's best offerings all over the UK and Europe as well as wedding related stories.

With over 80 destinations from all over the EU, there's no shortage of stag party planning guides and insider destination tips to whet appetites for a stag weekend that proves to be the ideal send-off for the groom-to-be.

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Stag do Ideas – Shooting Weekends

07 November 2014

If you’ve never shot a gun before, then I honestly think you’re missing out! Because whether you agree with guns or not, visiting the shooting range is something you have to try at least once in your life –just to … Continue »


These 5 suits will save the day; best man duties!

28 October 2014

So the big day is almost there, and you know that as a groomsman, you have to look sharp. As a best man or groomsman, you have two important duties to fulfil; number one is organizing the stag do aka the … Continue »


13 of the Creepiest Horror Films on Netflix UK right now

21 October 2014

It’s Halloween soon, which happens to be my favourite time of the year, so in between thinking about what Halloween costume I want to wear and wondering if I might be able to go Trick or Treating one last time … Continue »


Sober October Survival Tips

03 October 2014

The pint. The shot. The whole bottle of wine followed by more wine and more wine and even more wine. Yes, a good drink can be hard to resist but like with most things now, there is probably a calendar … Continue »


Advice from the other gender… How to invite an ex to your wedding (without pissing anyone off)

15 August 2014

We live in a modern era where bracelets track our fitness (not to mention sleep, carbs…), having a smart phone means you can now buy you a goat in Tunisia and we can in a civilised and friendly manner invite … Continue »


A chat to The Apprentice winner Ricky Martin

07 August 2014

Today I had a really enjoyable chat to one of our VIP customers about a stag do he recently booked with us. Ricky Martin, the 2012 The Apprentice winner and owner of Hyper Recruitment Solutions, has recently booked his friend’s … Continue »


Party Playlists: A Pop-punk Summer

04 August 2014

Image source / credit: Covert Booking / Next Best Thing PR It’s a Monday morning in early August, the sun is shining, and I feel like taking a step back about 10 years to the old wave of Pop-punk. Today … Continue »


Blondes VS Brunettes

30 July 2014

The war continues, blondes vs brunettes. Previous studies suggest that most men prefer brunettes over blondes.  Apparently brunettes are perceived as sexier and smarter, whilst blondes are believed by men to have lower IQ and be more promiscuous. The days … Continue »


To tie or bow tie?

24 July 2014

The Beatles, Elvis, The Blues brothers all did it. Apart from their talent for music, all of these legendary names have something in common. As you can probably tell from the photos below, there is one item of clothing that … Continue »


8 Things to do (and learn) from a night on your Friend’s Tinder

08 July 2014

Hopping on your friend’s Facebook to post a status about how he has just had intimate relations with the dog is so old hat; everyone knows it’s a ‘Frape’ anyway, so why bother? Getting hold of their Tinder is much … Continue »